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Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Get Fit with Nikki

Get Fit With Nikki provides personalized training and nutrition plans to meet your personal goals. Offering in-person personal training allows you the opportunity to meet your fitness goals on your schedule. 

From weight loss to strength training, building lean muscle and wellness programs, Get Fit With Nikki will have you on the way to achieving your fitness goals.

Ready to get started now?  Check out our customizable programs and take the next step towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Fitness & Nutrition

I work in all areas of fitness and nutrition. My clients range from stay-at-home moms, athletes, students, and really everyone looking to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

My speciality is women’s health, focusing primarily on strength training and at-home workouts. Through factual information, I help inspire others to take their health more seriously. 

Strength Training

Let’s build your strength, and confidence, together!  Whether it be with weights, bands, or body weight, we will have you stronger and more confident in no time at all.  

Weight Training

An excellent way to build muscle mass, strengthen your muscles and tone your body. I will help you find the correct starting weight and provide the plan that will have you meeting and exceeding your goals in no time. 

Weight Loss Programs

Having a plan to meet your weight loss goals is the first step. During our initial meeting, I will gather the information needed to provide you with a plan that will have you on your way to your specific weight loss goal.  I also provide the support and education you need to sustain your optimal weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Gain Programs

When you need to gain weight, there is a healthy way to achieve your goal. I will put together a plan that will have you on your way to lean, clean and healthy weight gain.

Women's Health

Women’s bodies are different from mens. From hormone imbalances to osteoporosis, we need to be mindful of our body’s needs.  Diets that include fresh fruit, vegetables, calcium-rich foods and vitamin D, can combat many health issues that are specific to women.  I will be with you to provide the plan and support needed to help you stay feeling your best.  A lifetime of healthy living is my goal for you.  Let’s get started together! 


Under the arms, your midsection, that thigh gap…Where to start? When looking to “tone up,” we are really talking about building lean muscle. We all have those hard to tone areas that we’d like to work on.  My custom plan will target your specific area and have you looking your best with noticeable definition and shape.

Flexibility - Mobility -Stability

Let’s face the facts. Over 50% of us can’t touch our toes! But having better flexibility, mobility and stability is not just about touching our toes.  It’s about fewer injuries, less pain, improved posture and even a more positive state of mind.  Together, we will have you feeling great and achieving goals that at one time may have seemed out of reach (pun intended). 

Personalized Wellness Programs

We are all different and have specific health and fitness goals that we want to achieve. That is why my “no cookie cutter” approach is successful. I meet with you and develop an exercise and nutrition plan that aligns with your specific goals.  Your plan will provide you with the tools you need to be successful!

Health Management

Looking for overall health management? Our one-on-one consultation will allow me to best understand your overall goals and develop a plan that will have you feeling your best. You will also feel empowered, confident and educated to manage your health long after our time together is over.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutrition is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Having a certified nutritionist in your corner will have you eating and feeling better in no time. Our personal consultation will allow me to put together a plan that will fit your desired goal and lifestyle.

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